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Let's hear from them...

“This is a great book for anyone who is in the property management field or looking to get into the business. Tony does a great job of explaining things in an easy to learn way. You can really tell how much experience he has and how passionate he is about helping others better themselves. Great read.”

Jay Logelin

“Must Read! Tony LeBlanc’s ‘The Doorpreneur’ challenges the industry to think beyond rent collection and maintenance to develop a legacy growth plan inside the varying business opportunities of your management company.”

Christopher Barrow Co-Founder & Broker Foundation Homes Property Management

“Amazing. Tony so eloquently depicts life through the eyes of a property manager. The cascading affect of a poorly managed property on people’s lives is astronomical. To see beyond the property, the cash flow and see the investment in people is truly beautiful. Where people do life. It’s the wins and losses, the births and deaths. The firsts and lasts and to create an environment for this to seamlessly exist without interruption should be the pinnacle of every “doorpreneur”. Well done Tony, the Ritz-Carlton of property Management.”

The Ritz-Carlton of property Management.”